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It all started with Felice Pappas making herself a couple of cute summer dresses. People took notice, friends started making requests, and strangers were placing orders on the street. Before long, Love-Life was born.

Over the past twenty years Ms. Pappas has created a women wear brand noted for it's frivolity and free spirit. Updating classic cuts with unique fabric selection, she creates pieces that range from beautiful to whimsical to ironic. A Love-Life garment might be a party dress in skulls, a sexy strapless in a woodland print, or a housecoat of women in housecoats! The results is a line of women wear that appeals to all sorts, from Southern Belles to South Beach models.

"My dresses are conversation pieces. You're guaranteed a compliment every time you wear one, someone is going to comment on it. It's a feel-good experience, hence the name Love-Life," Pappas says.

Felice was born in Chicago, Illinois and spend her childhood in the contrasting worlds of Chicaylo, Peru and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Her love of craft found her studying design in Paris before graduating from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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